Posted on 1/11/2023

Top Fishing Charters on Anna Maria Island

Are you looking for a unique getaway to try your hand at deep-sea fishing or inshore? From fun family days out to competitive sportfishing, Anna Maria Island offers exceptional charter trips that accommodate all skill levels and provide an unforgettable experience.Anna Maria Island is well known for its fishing opportunities

Whether you're on a romantic excursion or planning something special with the kids, there are plenty of reputable companies that offer sunrise to sunset tours with top-notch equipment.

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Novices and experts alike can be rest assured that these expert companies will provide a top-notch experience while exploring the waters off this beautiful Gulf Coast destination. In this article, we present Anna Maria Island's best fishing charters as well as a guide on how to prepare so you can start booking your next adventure!

Anna Maria Charters

Anna Maria Charters is the premier fishing charter company on the island. They offer inshore fishing, offshore fishing, fly fishing, and tarpon fishing charters. They have four different boats that offer a variety of packages depending on the skill level and age of participants.

Rates vary but fall between $700 and $1800 depending on the type of charter you're interested in and the length of the trip. Most trips can accommodate 4 - 5 anglers.

AMI Charters

AMI Charters is your all-encompassing Anna Maria Island fishing charter company. With this company, you can go inshore fishing, fly fishing, tarpon fishing, and kayak fishing. In addition to fishing charters, they also offer sunset cruises, boat and kayak tours, and fun runs.

Rates for fishing charters from AMI Charters range from $600 to $1200.

Captain Casey's Island Fishing Charters

Captain Casey's Island Fishing Charters offers inshore charters along the bay, flats, and mangroves in addition to sunset cruises. Whether you're an experienced angler or have never picked up a rod before, this charter will give you access to some of the best fishing spots in the area.

With expert guides leading each boat, guests can expect to have an outstanding time out on the open waters off the coast of Anna Maria Island.Rates are available upon inquiry.

Fish AMI Fishing Charters

Fish AMI Fishing Charters offers inshore, offshore, flats, and family fishing adventure excursions. The charter company, based out of Bradenton Beach, accommodates all ages and skill levels, so you're sure to have a blast no matter how much experience you have (or don't have!). 

The excursions take you around AMI, Longboat Key, and Lido Key from Bradenton Beach Bridge Street Pier. Trips start at $549 for Inshore fishing and go up from there. The crew will filet your fish for you if you want to try it for dinner!

Just Kickin' Back Charters

Just Kickin' Back Charters offers deep sea, reef, offshore, and nearshore/inshore fishing trips and boat tours daily and is located just off the AMI City Pier. All trips are family-friendly, so don't worry if you have a few little ones in tow! 

Prices start at $550 for inshore charters and $800 for offshore and reef charters. For one of the most accredited and trusted fishing charters in Manatee County, Just Kickin' Back will provide you with a great fishing experience regardless of your skill level.

If you're looking for some relaxation afterward, try one of their tours around Egmont Key or the beautiful Gulf of Mexico.

Tarpon Fishing Charters

If tarpon is on your mind and you want the best in the business, your best bet is to head to Tarpon Fishing Charters. Fishing for these giants, which can grow upwards of 200 pounds, is a thrilling experience that should not be missed, even if you're not an experienced angler. Skip the sandals, as yo'âll need more supportive footwear to battle the mighty tarpon.

Rates vary but include up to four anglers (trips can accommodate up to six fishermen at an additional cost). Check out their site and send Captain Matt a message for detailed rate information on half-day and full-day charters.

Anna Maria Island Fishing Charters FAQs

What is included in Anna Maria Island fishing charters?

Though this is specific to each company, you can expect a licensed captain, live bait, ice, fishing guide, fishing license and required permits, tackle, reels and rods, other equipment, and any necessities to be included with your fishing charter. Always make sure your fishing charter provides you with proper licenses, permits, and documentation to avoid any run-ins with the Coast Guard.

What types of fish can I catch on Anna Maria Island?

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Anna Maria Island is home to a variety of fish species, many of which can be caught for sport or for the dinner table. Here are some of the most common species you might encounter while fishing on Anna Maria Island:

  • Redfish: Also known as a red drum or channel bass, these fish are easily identifiable by their distinctive coloring, deep orange-red on the topside and a white belly as well as their flat tails and large scales. You'll find them in shallow water near mangrove forests or in tidal creeks.
  • Snook: These are the prized catches of Anna Maria Island anglers, so they're closely regulated by state regulations to ensure their continued success as sport fish. They have green-blue backs with silver sides and bright red dots. You'll find them in shallow waters during the day, particularly near mangrove trees and shell bars.
  • Tarpon: These large fish can grow to be over 6 feet long and weigh up to 300 pounds! They can be identified by their elongated body and silver scales. You'll most often find them in coastal river estuaries or around docks and the mouths of rivers.
  • Grouper: These fish can grow up to 6 feet long and weigh over 100 pounds. You'll most often see them near ledges, reefs, or rocks, although they can also be found in shallow waters in coastal bays. They have bluish-gray backs with white bellies, large mouths, and prominent gill slits.
Other notable species that you may find include Cobia, Snapper, Sheepshead, Kingfish, Spanish Mackerel, Gag Grouper, King Mackerel, and other game fish.

What is the best time of year to fish on Anna Maria Island?

The weather on Anna Maria Island is idyllic year-round. However, some seasons are better than others for fishing. The best time of year to fish on Anna Maria Island depends on what type of fish you're hoping to catch.

If you're interested in catching species like redfish, snook, tarpon, or trout, then the best time to fish is usually during the spring and summer months after the waters have warmed up. 

However, if you hope to catch other species like flounder, sheepshead, whiting, or mackerel, the best time to fish is usually in the fall and winter when the water is cooler. 

Overall, fishing on Anna Maria Island tends to be good year-round, thanks to its position in a relatively unfished area of Florida's Gulf Coast.

What is the best month to go deep-sea fishing in Florida?

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Deep sea fishing in Florida is a popular activity, especially during the summer months. The best month to go deep-sea fishing in Florida is June or July, depending on weather conditions and your preferences as a fisherman.If you want to go when the water is calmer and less choppy, plan your trip for June.

However, if you are a more adventurous fisherman who enjoys fighting larger fish in rougher conditions, then July might be the best month to plan your deep-sea fishing excursion.

How much are fishing charters on Anna Maria Island?

The average cost of fishing charters on Anna Maria Island tends to be fairly reasonable, with prices ranging from about $50 to $300 per person, depending on the type of trip that you're booking. Suppose you're looking for a more budget-friendly option. In that case, some companies offer basic trips that start at under $100 per person, typically including a few hours out on the water with basic amenities, like bait and fishing supplies.

If you want something more luxurious and upscale, there are also plenty of companies that offer private charters for larger groups that come complete with luxury accommodations and high-end amenities.

What should I bring with me on a fishing trip off Anna Maria Island?

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If you're heading out on a chartered fishing trip off Anna Maria Island, there are some things that you'll want to be sure to pack.

  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Water bottles and other drinks
  • Snacks or lunches for full-day trips
  • Personal medicine
You'll also want to ensure that you have a camera or other ways to record your trip so you can share pictures with family and friends back home. And, of course, remember to bring some cash for incidentals and gratuities.

Anna Maria Island Is a Fisherman's Paradise

The charter fishing options off Anna Maria Island won't disappoint. This is a perfect spot for early learners, experienced fishermen, and group getaways. There are no shortages of incredible places to stay on your fishing excursion to this AMI. Book your vacation rental for your dream fishing holiday today!
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