Anna Maria Island is located near Tampa Bay and has become one of Florida’s premier barrier islands. People flock to the white sand beaches and unique shopping and dining experiences. Anna Maria Island Bean Point has become a hidden gem loved by everyone. 


Bean Point is the northernmost beach on Anna Maria Island. It can be a little challenging to get to and find parking, but the beautiful scenery and views make it well worth the effort. You have to experience this incredible destination yourself to understand why locals love Bean Point. 

What Is Bean Point?

Bean Point is a beach that is located at the northern tip of the island. It used to be a private residence, but it has become one of the most secluded public beaches on the island. 


The off-the-beaten-path jewel stays unencumbered by the commercialization of many of the beaches in Florida. It gives visitors a chance to enjoy the natural elegance of the white sand and clear water. 


Very few signs and advertisements exist to draw attention to Bean Point’s incredible beach, so if you want to visit, you will have to know where to go. 


Once you are out there, very little is between you and nature. You will see some of the most fantastic scenery on your trip, so make sure you have your camera ready. 

History of Bean Point 

Anna Maria Island has a history dating back to 1000 AD when the Caloocan and Timucan Native American tribes first built settlements. Later in 1521, local tradition states that Ponce De Leon landed there and gave the island its current name. 


In 1892 George Emerson Bean built his 160 acre home on the northern beach. He lived and developed this area until he died in 1896, when his son took over the residence. The buildings are no longer there, but the beach keeps the founder’s name. 


Eventually, the Bean estate opened the land to the public, and people have been enjoying the beach ever since. 

How to Get to Bean Point? 

To get to Bean Point, you have to make your way to the north part of the island. If you go north on Gulf Drive, you will turn right on Pine Avenue and then left on North Shore Drive. All entrances to Bean Point are on North Shore. 


There are three different entrances to Bean point. They are located at North Bay Boulevard and North Shore, Gladiolus Street, and North Shore, and Fern Street and North Shore Drive. Each one has a sign that says public beach entrance.


The North Bay Boulevard and North Shore entrance is the most prominent option. It is lined on both sides by a beautiful tree trail. Depending on where you want to visit, each entry can be helpful. As you go a few times, you will discover what option is your favorite. 

Be Careful Parking 

Anna Maria Island in general, but Bean Point specifically, has stringent and well-enforced parking laws. Visitors will get tickets quickly if they ignore no parking signs or park outside of designated areas on the island. There are not a lot of close parking lot options for Bean Point.


There is a free trolley, but you are still looking at a mile walk from the drop-off location for Bean Point to the beach. 


Even if parking can be a little hard to come by, it is best if you find a safe place to park, even if it leads to a little extra walking. Don’t worry, though, because the walks at Bean Point are filled with amazing views for a scenic trek to the secluded beach. 

What to Do at Bean Point?

One of the major draws to Anna Maria Island Bean Point is its private nature. The beach has been only slightly developed over the last 120 years and still has all the charm and beauty of a private beach opened to the public. 


Bean Point doesn’t have many stores, restaurants, lifeguards, and bathrooms on the beach. It is a haven for Florida flora and fauna. At the beach, you can see native birds and animals. Enjoy seeing manatees, dolphins, cranes, pelicans, and many more that call the beach home.


If you like to fish, there are plenty of opportunities to cast a line at Bean Point. Year-round you can catch some fish like Mackerel and Sheepshead. There are fishing seasons for many of the other fish at Bean Point; you have to check the Florida Wildlife Commission for more details. 


Enjoy the Gulf of Mexico from the beach. You can play in the water or just sunbathe on the white sand beach. Bean Point’s slightly out-of-the-way location tends to make it a less packed beach, so you get to enjoy more of the beauty of nature. 


Bean Point is also great for a romantic beach blanket picnic. You can take in a breathtaking sunset that is unobscured by the industrialization you sometimes see at other beaches in the area. 

Where to Stay?

There are many resorts and home rentals around Bean Point. You can find very close accommodations and make it easier to walk or ride your bike to Bean Point to enjoy the beach. Finding a place to stay near the beach can help with some of the parking difficulties. 


Enjoy Anna Maria Island’s Bean Point


Anna Maria Island Bean Point is a fun piece of classic Florida for you to enjoy on your next visit to Anna Maria Island. When you feel like taking in the wildlife and natural beauty that beaches have to offer, Bean Point is there for you. 


It is a place free of the hustle and bustle of daily life. Where you can go, slow down, and enjoy the white sand beach and the uninterrupted sounds of the ocean. When visiting Bean Point, it is easy to get lost in the moment and enjoy your vacation.